Build to Suit

Controlling quality is a much more manageable task when one source provides step-by-step supervision through the entire building process. That's what we do. And this also make it easier for your to stay abreast of all phases of construction and to serve as an integral part of the construction team.

This joint control over all facets of the project eliminates surprises. Working as a team, we can achieve the best possible results within the established budget and time frame.

You get quick occupancy in a quality building. A quality building that is cost effective, energy efficient and less expensive to maintain.

Using this approach on many different types of buildings over the years, we have been able to provide superior quality construction with an enviable record of on-time completions. Our diverse experience includes many types of buildings such as:

• shopping malls
• schools
• churches
• health care facilities
• sports facilities
• technical and scientific structures
• manufacturing facilities
• and more

Many of our projects are designed around pre-engineered building systems or tilt up and precast concrete components. These give you built-in quality, speed of erection, and economy. Combined with materials such as metal, brick, and stone, these components provide a structure requiring little, if any maintenance or repair.

So Component Construction’s single-source approach gives you many benefits. Not only better quality control, but better cost control and on-time performance.


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